Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Hi Again...

Hi again everyone,

Sorry I haven't posted in ages =(

Last Saturday we had a BBQ with our church at Cornwall Park/One Tree Hill.

I have been making skirts (straight elasticated ones) for the girls, and today we bought fabric so I can make purple net curtains, and some of the fabric for purple drapes...I'll be busy...lol

This morning I had my first flute lesson for the year. It was supposed to be 10am, but me being me turned my alarm clock off, and didn't wake again until about 9:25, and of course, Mum being Mum, she had entirely forgotten about it.. so completely freaked when I asked if she had looked at the time recently...lol
So anyway she rung my teacher, and changed the time to 10:30am.. which thankfully we were on time for... =)
Next week's lesson is set for 11am, and hopefully we will be up in time!
We played a few duets - me playing flute (obviously!) and my teacher accompanying me on the piano..oh man, I didn't really need the reminder about how much I want to play piano.....
Yes, my teacher plays more than just flute - piano, oboe, recorder, ...and a few that I can't remember..!

Tonight was also supposed to be the first night (for the second half of the season) for athletics...but it has been raining and windy all day...so that got post-poned to tomorrow night...
Anyway it was fun having our friends the Sonnevelds' come over for an hour and a half to talk instead =)

WOW!!! I can't believe it's already tomorrow night that my friend Bethany arrives from Australia for ten days!!!! =)

Well I'm gonna leave it at that for now,


  1. Hey Bee,
    Thanks for updating.
    I had a lot of fun at your place =) It sucks that athletics got cancelled again =(
    Anyway have fun with your friend...
    I'll see you sometime when we get back from our holiday.
    Love Ruth.xo.

  2. Hey Ruth,
    Thanks for commenting =) lol
    So did I!!!
    Have fun on holiday!! That's the ATI conference is it?
    Luv Bee

  3. Hey Bee,
    Yep it is the A.T.I conference.
    I'm sure we will have fun thanks =)

  4. Hey Ruth,
    Cool!! lol I'm ssooo jealous! =)