Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Blog promts

Ok, here is a list blog promts (that I actually copied from another friends blog..not very original..but oh well...)

Q. Am I a competitive person or not? What helps me refocus and/or work harder when I find myself slacking off?

A. Very. A reminder of what I'm working towards.

Q. What one thing am I often tempted to lie about? When do I think it's okay to lie?

A. Ummm.. can't think of anything =) Not sure. Maybe to save someones life, otherwise never.

Q. If I had to take ten people to the moon to start a new civilization, who would I pick?

A. A pastor, and nine friends...sorry that's not very specific..oh well lol

Q. What's the first thing I do when you wake up?

A. Roll over. See whether its light outside.

Q. What's my most important personal goal for the next year of my life?

A. umm.. not  sure.

Q. Do I like the name I was given? Is there another name I think would suit me better?

A. Yes, No.

Q. What's my favorite place in the whole world?

A. America

Q. Who's my best friend?

A. umm.. no one.

Q. If I could change one thing about my appearance, what would it be? Or would I change anything at all?

A. Probably not.

Q. Name some famous movies I haven't seen. Why not?

A. Lots haha =)

Q.What's my greatest fear?

A. spiders

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