Friday, March 02, 2012

Eltham - Day 4 - Monday 26th December

Written December 26th

Today everyone was up earlier. Dad and Jarrod, along with some of my uncles and cousins, went to my uncle’s shop (Eltham 4 Square) to help unload the stock of some pallets and put it in the racking, before I was even awake. Danielle and Diana were in one of their ‘loud’ moods, which means no one else is allowed to sleep! So yeah anyway, I finally stopped trying to sleep and got up and ready to brave the ancient toaster here! {Sorry, I'm not sure I have a photo of it....}

After breakfast I just sat around and talked and whatever, then when the men arrived back we had drinks and cookies (mini Cookie Time Cookies). The men then ditched us again to play 12 holes of golf, and the rest of us raided the fridge for leftovers from the Christmas dinner that we could have for lunch. We have HEAPS of leftovers! =) In the afternoon, I helped prepare some stuff for dessert, sorted my washing and put it in the machine (seriously how on earth do you use a front loader?!?), then read Soul Surfer cover to cover! Good book! =D By the time I’d finished the book, the men were back and dinner was ready – more leftovers, and a few new things.

After dinner I went to the shop with Uncle Mike, he just had a couple of things to do, and I got a free coke...sweet!

When we got back we had dessert and talked..again...! When Uncle Mike found out that the shop alarm had gone off, Dad rounded up about five guys I think, and they all went to have a look, but found nothing (yay I didn’t miss any action... *grin*). When they returned, the played with the balls for ages, then returned to the shop to have another look..I’m not sure whether the alarm went of again or not.

Some of us sat around talking, and others watched Cars. The nana’s seemed captivated! Lol

Later on we went to the kitchen for a drink (and I wanted a snack...), and showed off my laptop a bit (the idea was to write this while I was having my drink but hey!), and my cousin Kurt managed to put one of the keys back on my laptop (I’m not entirely sure how it came off, but I may have knocked it with my nails or something).

When I was, finally, ready for bed, I folded the washing, and then I sat down to write this. And here I am! I’m listening to my Manna Worship CD (yes, again!), and I’m kind of thinking I would love to pick the guitar up again...anyone volunteer to give me lessons (Preferably a former student of Jules Riding...)? Lol!

G’night everyone =D


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