Monday, March 12, 2012

Stratford - Day 6 - Wednesday December 28th

Written January 4th.

On Wednesday, December 28th, our second day at the campground in Stratford, I slept in (surprised? lol! =)) and Mum did some washing.

And it may come to me later, but right now I don't have the slightest clue about what we did all day!
Yay I remembered: Dad took Nana to the hospital (which was like an hour or something away so they were gone for ages), and Mum took the rest of us to check out the shops in Stratford. Most of them are little Asian shops and stuff, no major chains or anything. Diana and Bryce bought backpacks, I got a new lip gloss, and a wooden make-it-yourself Eiffel Tower...which is usually for little yeah anyway not sure where I'll put it yet! I think everyone else got a couple of little things.

However at one stage we must have done some shopping, and in the evening Uncle Mike, Aunty Sonia, Nana and Lucus came for a bbq. The campground gave us the key for the big, nice, new, silver bbq! well ok I guess the food doesn't taste any different just because the bbq looks nice, but anyway! lol =D

After dinner we pulled out our new chocolate fondue fountain (Thanks Uncle Bill and Aunty Melissa!) to try with the strawberries we'd been given. The fountain worked fine, but melting the chocolate buttons was interesting! We don't actually have a microwave, and consequently most of us aren't that great at using one. So I put the choc buttons in for 2 minutes, but didn't even think of pulling them out to mix them! get the idea! Uncle Mike, the baker, came to the rescue though... =)

And that was about it for that day! Wow this post is a bit shorter than most of my previous!

Au revoir =)

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