Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Stratford - Day 8 - Friday 30th December

Hello again =)

Friday, December 30th started a lot earlier than most days for me! I got up just before 4am (serious), and Uncle Mike picked me up just before 5. And yes, it was still dark as pitch. And it was raining. Not so fun, but anyway! So why was I being picked up so early? To go help Uncle Mike in his business - Eltham 4 Square.
We made a massive batch of scones (45 large ones) - I knew it was big when 4 litres of milk went into it(!), cooked the various breads and pastries, and made some filled rolls. I think we had pretty much finished cooking everything by 6am! Then, of course, we had to package the breads, and put them on the display.
By then a few staff members had arrived, and everything was buzzing out front.

Out the back, we unloaded and checked off orders (stocking the freezers with ice is a very cold job - especially in the rain!), and packed fruit and vegies into styrofoam trays.

About 9 or so we went back to Uncle Mike and Aunty Sonia's to have a breakfast of crumpets with Aunty Sonia, Nana, and Lucus - before he went to daycare.

Back at the shop, were more orders arriving, vegies to package, fridges and shelves to stock.

Mum and Dad had planned to leave for home at about 10, but they didn't arrive until about 12! I grabbed my stuff, Aunty Sonia gave us 'travel packs' - food for me, and stationary et cetera for each of the others (Thanks so much!). Just before we left they also gave us a whole pile of Roses chocolates (yum!).

First we went to say bye to Nana, then to New World (we needed food and I was ready for lunch!). As we began the 6-hour drive, I made rolls for everyone. I think people it faster than I can make them though! =)

And - would you believe it -  for the first time in YEARS, I slept in the car on the way home! wow! lol

So yeah, between eating and sleeping, the time went pretty fast for me, and we were soon home! =)
Everyone else unpacked the car, I fell asleep again (!), and then we got pizza for dinner.

I can't remember exactly what else I did that night, but I don't think I went straight to bed! Oh yeah, I did unpack my suitcase. not sure what else though =)


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