Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas Presents

While our family doesn't officially celebrate Christmas, we exchange gifts with the rallies (and, in the past we have travelled to Wellington to be with everyone). So lots of photos here for those rallies :)

This year, Uncle Bill and Aunty Melissa bought two Oxfam gifts for us.
One for chickens, and one for goats, sending them to help people in Papua New Guinea.
I've always loved the idea of gifts like this so it was really cool getting them this year: thanks!!!

Lip gloss, chapstick, shampoom and conditioner, etc.
That sort of thing always goes down well with our girls. Thank you!!

Aww so cute!

Is this what photographers mean when they talk about framing one's subject? :P hehe

Had to try out my new baking moulds :P
Lots of great gifts there. Thanks everyone!! We hope you liked yours :)

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