Friday, December 06, 2013

Mum's Birthday | | Stampin' Up! Party

Usually we have a family dinner with presents for Mum's birthday, but this year she thought it would be nice to spend some time with her friends and make some cards together (one of her hobbies, when she finds time {smile}). So last Friday night she had a Stampin' Up! party. We had a fairly small group but that worked out well, with more space around the table and everyone being able to talk.

Why do I always try new recipes when we have visitors coming?!
I had never made eclairs before, but I was flicking through my recipe book looking for inspiration and this recipe looked easy so hey . . . my first ever attempt at making eclairs from scratch succeeded! 

Eclairs, custard squares, vanilla cupcakes (If you use your imagination, the icing looks like beautiful dark red roses [Mum's fav] haha), and choc cake. All but the cake were new recipes :P
It was a late night, but we all enjoyed it. (Yep, I love experimenting in the kitchen! ;)) So, happy birthday Mum, and thanks to everyone who came :))

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  1. Eclairs were delicious! And so were the custard squares...yum!