Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Recent Crafty Fun

Mostly my season's greetings cards, plus a few others . . .
So glad I bought Stampin' Up!'s Fifth Avenue Floral stamp set; I just love it!
And this one was lucky enough to get a matching envelope! 

Thought I'd have a go at decorating my own letter paper.
When I finish a textbook for school I like to also finish with the notebook I was using,
but leaving a pile of empty pages at the back of old notebooks seemed like a waste so
started ripping them out to write letters on; I used the guillotine to slice the ripped edge
off. I guess blank paper works fine but I prefer something more exciting (lol) so I tried
stamping it. Definitely some designs turned out better than others :)
And hey, now I don't have to buy expensive letter paper :P haha
Oh yeah, now I have to actually use it, right?

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