Friday, January 10, 2014

New Year Gifts

All of us except Laura had presents to give this year!

Paul Frank purse!

haha seriously random expression here but it was actually really cute. She was really excited about these hairclips and was moving her hand up and down pointing at them.

New helicopter for Bryce. (Verbal user manual from Jarrod lol)

Lolz love the pose!

yeah, and this one. haha

Chocolate is always on our gift lists lol

Tea set from the cousins!

Diana has wanted rings for ages so she was really excited that I got her pack!

Hair accessories are always good!


Classic Danielle

Cowboy hats and all things western are gaining popularity around here!

Might need to work on being more photogenic :P This is about the best photo of me from New Years Day
My gifts :)

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