Thursday, January 02, 2014

Rearranging the House!

So, we have six girls and two boys. And a three-bedroom house. Right now, we four older girls are in the middle-sized bedroom, in two sets of bunks. Understandably, Mum and Dad are quite keen to get the two little girls out of their room! I thought triple bunks (as in three beds high) would be pretty cool, but Mum thought the girls' room was too small and didn't have enough ventilation for six of us. So . . . right now Mum and Dad are living in the lounge, while we paint and clean their room, and then all six of us will move in there, since it has two windows and is slightly larger. Jarrod's working on one set of triple bunks too :)

It's incredible how much stuff Mum and Dad managed to store in their room!
And that clothing on the chairs in front of the curtains all came out of their wardrobe because the ceiling needed painting in their too!

And the bedroom section of our lounge . . . ! 

Looks big now!


  1. haha you'd have to get along with all of your sisters very well! I've only got one and at times one can be more than enough lol

  2. Awesome! keen to see the finished product!! :D :D - Anne