Tuesday, July 26, 2016

TWENTY || Stores I Love

So some of these are definite retail stores, and others I've possibly taken a little more liberty with. All are options for when you have money that really needs spending, though ;P Hopefully there's an idea or two here for you, whether you're a committed shopaholic or someone who just wants to know the best place to get what you want so you don't have to shop around! 
  1. Pagani -- I could probably save myself a fair bit of money through staff discounts if I worked there ;P
  2. Book Depository -- because NZ$ and free postage is always a win
  3. Nando's -- love their food
  4. Kmart -- glad someone knows how to do cheap, and most products are reasonable quality
  5. KBB Music -- love their customer service; usually visit their Epsom store (since it's the head office and largest store)
  6. Reveal Candles -- amazing scented candle PLUS a ring, why not?!
  7. Pascoes -- I'm not really sure why, but I've bought most of my SS jewellery from here
  8. Muffin Break -- currently my fav place to buy coffee
  9. Valleygirl -- I heard they've gone into receivership :O Nooooo!!
  10. CD Baby -- postage seems to be pretty decent, and they stock albums I can't find in NZ
  11. Fishpond 
  12. Manna Christian Bookstore -- for every time I need a gift and don't know what to get ;P
  13. Vistaprint -- because personalised cards, address labels, stamps . . . 
  14. Robert Harris -- which is really my grandad's fault ;P
  15. Christianbook -- for when NZ companies don't stock the movies you want to see. It's a good idea to do a bulk order though; postage makes small orders unfeasible
  16. Typo -- which seems to have taken over the popularity Smiggle once had
  17. Mirrou -- the latest and greatest, apparently 
  18. Bed, Bath & Beyond -- I initially went because I needed a gift and they had sales on, so I thought I'd check before going to Briscoes. I'm not sure whether it's the clearance stickers or gifty items that pose the greatest threat . . .
  19. ICE --  which hasn't come to NZ as far as I know :/
  20. Stampin' Up! -- Because having cardstock, ink, ribbon, designer paper, and various other embellishments where the colours match perfectly is always a good idea. And the stamps are pretty awesome. Still disappointed they didn't restock En Francais in the current catalog. 

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