Thursday, July 28, 2016

TWENTY || Strange Musical Instruments

So music is a pretty big part of my life and I mainly work with fairly regular instruments. Experimenting with different materials and playing with sound are good things to do too, though! Here are twenty not-so-standard instruments. I had fun researching these and I hope you enjoy looking through! :) How many did you already know about?

1: Octobass

2: Sheng

A modified version playing the Mario theme song is here

3: Wintergaten

I couldn't find an image, but here's a YouTube vid for it

4: Serpent

5: Hydraulophone

This is a pretty good video of it in action.

6: Zeusaphone

See (hear) it here

7: Nyckelharpa

8: Holophonor

9: Hardingfele

10: Lur

11: Singing Ringing Tree

12: Jew's Harp

13: Crwth

14: Glass Harmonica

15: Erhu

16: Ocarina

An ancient wind instrument, the ocarina has between 4 and 12 holes,
and can be made of plastic, wood, ceramic, metal, glass, or bone.
We actually bought a ceramic one for Mum after seeing Aussie Mike Jackson perform for our homeschool group :)

17: Cimbalom

18: Balalaika

A Russian, plucked string instrument

19: Pikasso Guitar

20: Vegetable Orchestra

Lol I don't even know what to think of this ;P
Se here and here


  1. Okay, seriously. How is the Pikasso guitar even playable???!!!???

    1. Lol ikr . . . all those strings going in different directions!

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