Saturday, July 30, 2016

TWENTY || Years of Birthdays {and the conclusion of this series}

So I had this brilliant idea to find a photo of me on every single one of my birthdays, and scan and post them on {for} my 20th this year. I think I actually started uploading late last year. For more recent years it wasn't too hard to find the photos (although some years there aren't any very good ones :P), but for the years before we had a digital camera, I haven't managed to find everything I was looking for. Apparently we've lost a lot of photos because they were stored in the garage which had a leaky roof for a long time :'( We may have a couple more in albums, which I'll consider uploading and adding to this post if we find them soonish. In the meantime, though, I'm not going to abandon the whole post because of the years I'm missing.

This will be my last post for this month, so it is also the conclusion to my series TWENTY. My birthday month is coming to an end; the celebrations are over; I no longer have to think about my response when someone asks my age

I didn't feel any different as a 20-year-old on July 2nd than I did the day before when I was 19 (surprise, surprise), but I know I've grown since this time last year. No doubt the coming year will present new experiences and challenges, and this time next year I'll look back and see how much I've changed. 

Thanks so much to everyone who has sent me cards, gifts, and wishes, or followed along for this series! :) July is just about over, but stick around in August for more posts on the blog -- my work schedule is pretty busy but hopefully I can make time to carry out my plans for this spot on the web ;)

: : Day 1 : :

: : 1st birthday : :
Jump a few years since we're missing the photos between here . . .

: : 8th birthday : :
{Yes, I scanned this out of an old journal}

: : 9th birthday : :

: : 10th birthday : :
: : 11th birthday : :
: : 12th birthday : :

: : 13th Birthday : :

: : 14th Birthday : :

: : 15th Birthday : :

: : 16th Birthday : :
: : 17th Birthday : :

: : 18th Birthday : :
: : 19th Birthday : :
: : 20th Birthday : :


  1. Hmm I recognise Chantelle's Mum there, 10 years and she hasn't seemed to change!

    You on the other hand, between your 12th and 13th birthday you look to have grown up really fast, and then every year after that. It's amazing how much we change each year hey?
    We don't do photos often so you couldn't compare us year by year...

    1. Ikr! Fingers crossed I don't change nearly as much in the next ten years as I did in the last ;P

      Yes I thought that! Totally wish I had listened to my friends who told me to change my hairstyle instead of that one on my 13th birthday!! lol ;P
      Aww! When I look back through photos I just wish we had taken more! (now to remember that for the future . . . lol)