Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Armed & Dangerous (I'm Kidding)

Since my bro has a cool rifle, my friend has an awesome camera(s) {plus editing software plus skill}, and I have a blog, we decided to team up for some fun and a few cool shots to share. Somewhere down the end of the paddock is a piece of wood Jarrod attached our paper targets to; it's interesting at the end getting to see what your aim is like! Pretty sure mine all made it through the paper, with the majority of them in a similar area.


  1. Dare I say, I think that rifle is cooler than our Steyers, even if its not an automatic... :P

    1. Haha being generous aye? ;P I don't have anything to compare it with tbh, but it was fun to shoot :)

    2. Haha, our Steyr is old and obselete, it get replaced next year. Oh, but the replacement, that is pretty cool, i gotta say.

      So do you know what calibre it is? I'm guessing .22 from the pictures, but its hard to tell, the moderater on the end isn't a good indicator. Also, I'm guessing bolt action from the looks of it?

    3. You should share pics on your blog ;)

      .22 sounds familiar . . . but I'll send him over to answer haha :P

    4. it's a bolt action ruger american chambered in .22lr topped off with a 3-9 x 42 optic, suppressor and bipod.

      nice and accurate it shoots a 25mm hole at 50m.

    5. Hmm, Kinda, security... Even though you can google Steyrs and they look pretty much the same as any Steyr, I am still not allowed to just go and grab pics of ours... *rolls eyes*

      You can actually buy Steyrs in hunting shops in NZ too, they just aren't capable of automatic fire.

      Cheers Jarrod. Sounds like a pretty sweet rifle! We have a .22lr back home, but its just a wee bit older than yours. Got a wooden stock and everything! :P But hey, if the round still comes out in the direction you point it, who cares? :P

      Just out of interest, do you use hollow tip ammunition? I'm guessing so just from the hole size.

      Looks like a pretty cool rifle though!!!

    6. Haha ;P Fair enough then.
      Ohh wooden stock is cool! If I got one . . . ;P

  2. No, i use subsonic lead round nose ammo .