Wednesday, May 17, 2017

No News Is Good News . . . Or Is It?

For a while I've wanted to do another update kind of post, not fueled by photos, just talking, letting you all know we're I'm at at what I'm working on I guess. But I've been putting it off too; I guess I haven't been in the mental space or known what to say. Towards the end of last year things got pretty crazy and I didn't manage much aside from working. So all my ideas of running a serious on here through December never happened. I never managed to write something welcoming in the new year and looking ahead to what I might try to achieve in the next twelve months. Now here we are well into May, and I'm only just managing to have a go at some sort of update.

What do I say? My plans for this year aren't really working out it would seem. What I expected would be easy now appears almost impossible. Plan A didn't work, neither did plan B, plan C isn't coming together like I thought it would. What next? Where? How?

I never dreamed I would still be in the job hunting stage this far through the year; shouldn't it be easy to pick up a job in Auckland?! So if you know of anything let me know lol. ;P

Sorry if I haven't been in touch with you for ages; I don't mean to ignore you but honestly things have been rough and I just haven't really known what to say and haven't wanted to think or talk about how things are going. Also my phone is packing up; I've deleted most apps but even so WhatsApp won't open without and update I don't have space to install, I'm not receiving every text I get sent (so if I haven't responded, that's probably why), and I'm not even sure about calls. Haha I should start a Go Fund Me page ;P

I'm not really sure of the purpose of this post. I guess I'm just being real. I prefer for this to be a primarily positive place, but my life is by no means Pinterest-perfect just because I blog about it. Life certainly has its ups and downs, challenges and disappointments. 


  1. Hey, wow, it stinks when you can't seem to make sense of anything. This time two years ago I was kinda like that, when I finished school, I wanted to apply for Uni, a year later, I was applying for the RNZAF! All I can say is, hang in there, it will make sense eventually.

    As for job suggestions, the RNZAF is always happy to employ, I can give you the link if you want. ;P Haha, nah, but on a serious note, I do hope everything suddenly starts working out better for you very soon, just look for the open doors. If its clossed, nothing you can do will open it, if its open, nothing you can do will close it. It can just be hard finding which door that is, I know.

    1. It does :/ Yeah wow, that's a bit of a difference! Remind me what you wanted to study at uni?

      Hahaha hmm thanks that would certainly be a change! ;P Thanks for the encouragement. :)

    2. I was going to study Engineering, and after 5 years of that I was probably going to have to go to Australia to study Aeronautical engineering. So designing planes, basically, I'm still on the aviation farm, just in a very different paddock, so to speak.

      Oh, and if it's any help, when I was 8 I was going to build a bridge to Denmark. I shouldn't say was, I still am, I just need to get the resource consent approved... XP

    3. Oh cool, yes pretty different but still very much related!

      Hahaha that's certainly dreaming big! ;) Why did you want to get to Denmark more easily lol?

    4. Uh, we had a worker from Denmark, and I was 8, I think that about sums it up. And it was going to be one long straight bridge, not just island hopping...

    5. Hahaha yup, fair enough! Ohhhh good plan ;) lolz