Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Chantelle's Birthday || Part Deux

After the beach and dinner we had a bonfire. S'mores . . . Marshmallows . . . Tried not to let Koda (dog) eat everything. We girls were just standing talking {kind of quietly} when we saw Nathan (Chantelle's bro) come round from the other side of the fire . . . Umm . . . What did you just throw on?! . . . Nothing! . . . *silence* . . . BANG! . . . Yep, pretty sure that's what nothing sounds like when it explodes!

And yeah, I didn't take my camera out . . . Sorry 😛

Cupcakes! Passion fruit and such with choc icing . . . Yum!

Coffee! Yep, perfect photo op 😛

Movie screen the size of a wall anyone?! #love


  1. Hehehe keep meaning to ask her how she likes her hippie bag :P lol

  2. Hehe yeah I wonder :P Is it strong enough to hold all her books lol? :P hahaha

  3. I think it is, and it's got a zip too, and I think you can shorten the strap somehow, from memory.

  4. Oh nice! Straps that shorten are pretty handy ;P