Thursday, July 23, 2015

Milda || Hunter

So I'm not really sure whether I should explain these pics. Some of you cat-lovers will like this post but I think there are probably a few of you who will focus more on the fact that we had mice inside our house. A couple months back we had problems with mice in our storeroom eating the food. Then inside, one went behind the couch and chewed holes in clothing I had listed on Trade Me (some of it was expensive branding too!!). 

Milda was our sole eradicator. Only she'd bring them inside and if they didn't move much, just leave them. Above she's seen hunting them. And yes, in a couple of the pics she's right at the top of the wall unit (or on top) and looking behind the filing pile. Bottom pic she's gone in for the catch! 

And these will probably be the list pics I post of my little girl (since the ones I wanted are outside in a box lol). I got her when I was about six and she died June 2nd of this year. :'(

{And yes, she's pretty skinny in these pics. She just didn't put the weight on, and it was kidney failure that she ended up dying of.)


  1. Aw she looks gorgeous, so sorry to hear she died :(

    1. Yeah she was pretty :) Thx it was hard :'(