Saturday, July 25, 2015

Chantelle's Birthday || Part Un {Beach}

So one of my long-time friends turned 20 earlier this year. (It's crazy, I'm pretty sure we were only eight a couple years ago :P) I hadn't seen her for AGES, but I managed to make it up to her place for this occasion. It's a fair bit easier now that I'm a fully-licensed driver and I can head up on my own! In the end only blogger-friend Kayger and I went, but the three of us enjoyed a few hours together. 

After feeding the animals we headed down to the beach for a few hours:

: : Koda (right) had a great time! : :

: : Love this pic! : :


  1. It definitely was fun :) Awesome pictures!

    1. Yeah! So needa do something next summer ;) Is that chocolate shop still open? :P Thanks! :)

    2. Maybe I'll plan a before xmas early birthday thing in December. Yep, it's still open, we can all go there for lunch, omgosh their chicken panini's are so good! :D

    3. That would be cool! Oh nice let's go there . . . ;) haha