Thursday, July 02, 2015

Google has a logo-of-the-day for me!!


  1. hahaha that is totally awesome - I've never seen it do that before!

  2. Let me guess... You're using chrome? It's got the "You" thing, accessable through the 4th button from the right, on top right of the browser. Works on the Chrome auto-fill details, you tell it once, it remembers always. You put your birthday online, it'll remember. Supposed to make you feel cared for...
    Anyway, yeah, that's the "reason". Try searching "Find Chuck Norris", then press "I'm feeling lucky".

    1. Yeah lol. And the "You" thing isn't accessible anymore :/ Isn't that all to do with Google though? (as opposed to Chrome) and my birthday is on my Google profile so that's now it knows lol ;)

      haha funny :P

    2. You can't access the "You" thing anymore? That's funny, I can... Just checked to make sure, but yup, it works here...
      I think it's more Chrome, although I've only compared it with Internut Exploder. But on there, none of the Google Easter Eggs seem to work, I've only seen and heard of them working on Chrome, being Google's own little precious. Haha, it'll do it even without you filling in your Google profile. It'll fill that out for you, as soon as it sees you fill it out on somethign else...

      Also searching for "Tilt" and "Do a barrel roll" on the regular search is interesting. And "Atari Breakout" on Google Images...

    3. No I can't...I Googled it and there are articles too so maybe it is Chrome. Are you using Explorer at the moment? Isn't it way too slow now? Google Easter Eggs?? What?? lol ok random!

      Okay wow...haha how did you find those?!

    4. Hmmm... Weird, here, it still works, you just sign in and it's all go... We're both talking about the little icon, 4th from the right, on the top right of the screen, with a person's head and shoulders? Weird...
      I'm using Chrome, currently our IE has a bug which means it won't open a link in a new tab, no matter what method you use. And none of the usual things would sort it out, so we just got chrome to be done with it. Worked fine so far, although I did have the issue of once you close it it wouldn't reopen, but that one was sorted easily.
      Yeah, they're called "Easter Eggs", basically based on the idea of an Easter egg hunt that ahem "we all got as kids". Basically, you have to look really hard to find them. Here's one definitive list:,2817,2486825,00.asp
      Then there's a whole heap more, just search "google easter eggs" and you'll get some of them. Then you can start on Google Earth, that has even more.
      How did I find them? Well, *puts on large-rimmed square glasses* at midnight, when there's a full moon, I kinda turn into a geek. :P Haha, nah, just found out about them, once you know they're there, you start searching for more, and then you tell others, and then they learn there's some there, and then they start searching for more, and then they tell others... :P

    5. 4th from the right is your name, it used to have a plus sign in front of it...
      Lol we dropped IE ages ago cos it's too slow :P Always use Chrome haha
      The things Google comes up with...!

    6. Okay, I'm not actually logged in, so maybe that's why. Because my one is busy telling me how to log in, so I'm guessing you must be logged in already?
      Haha, yeah, well, slowness, for us connection matters more than anything... :P But yeah, it just has way to many issues, Microsoft needs to spend more time on it... :P
      Yeah, ikr? Although, it's probably the little ideas like that that have kept them at the top for so long...

    7. Yeah could be, I am logged in. :) yeah Google's really helpful like that :P
      Haha our internet used to cut out all the time but it seems to be okay at the moment, and we just upgraded to unlimited data so ;)
      Lol yeah I once heard someone say that if Microsoft made cars we'd just all accept it when they suddenly stopped as we were driving along :P
      Yeah probably!

    8. Haha, yeah, well, we used to be on satellite after we finally left DU, but the trouble was that we could only see a satellite based over Thailand. :P
      We do actually have wireless now, And since there's only about 10 of us on it, it's the fastest in the region, apparently, so I really do feel sorry for the rest of the region... :P
      Haha, you heard Google is making cars now aye?
      If Microsoft made cars... Doesn't really bear thinking about does it? :P

    9. lol wow that's a while away!
      we don't have wireless, only ethernet haha. Unlimited broadband tho so...
      Nope haven't heard haha :P
      Yeah exactly! lol

    10. Haha, yeah, it was a wee way off. That's the trouble with being stuck in a valley... :P
      We have something like 50GB, per month, so that's basically unlimited, even watching YouTube 24/7 would struggle to reach that... :P There you go. Google's driverless car...

    11. I would believe you, only we've used more than that before :P

    12. You've used more than 50GB? Seriously, what were you going? Watching You Tube 24/7? :P

    13. Not on my own lol. There were three of us watching a lot of vids and some of the others watched a few sometimes too. Haha

    14. Ohhh, right. Hehe, woulda taken a bit of doing, either way... :P