Friday, February 10, 2012

ATI Conference (Part 3)

On Saturday morning, Mum and Dad decided to sleep in, so we arrived at the conference just as the first seminar began (having missed worship and notices) - about 9:35/9:40am
Steve Dulin was speaking on "How to Apply ATI to Business"

From my notes (again!)...
Your business is as good as your systems and processes.

If something takes less than two minutes, do it right now.

Most successful people are gracious in their speech.

Appearance is important
(writing now-) Mr Dulin shared a story about how a businessman who wasn't making many sales changed his hairstyle and shoes, by someone else's recommendation, and his sales increased dramatically!

Morning tea was at 10:30. Because the children's program was at the same venue this day, it was easy, while we were on a break, to see what the children were doing, or, er, catch up with my friends who were helping with the program =D    

After Morning tea we listened to Paul and Jenny Speed; their talk was entitled "How Discord in Marriage Dissipates Financial Wealth"

My notes - "Marriage is not about your convenience, it is about your COMMITMENT"

At 12, the one hour lunch-break was next. (We once again piled everyone into the van and went home).

Then  (the session I had been eagerly awaiting!) Mr. Gil Bates spoke on "One Failure That Families Cannot Afford to Make"

Mr. Bates is father to 19 children, the youngest being less than two weeks old. Visit the family's website here.

His speech was on anger and was both humorous and sobering. At times the room was filled with laughter; at other times many eyes were moist.

"Stop before you blow your top" we heard numerous times.

When angry ask
  • "What is the physical thing this is costing me?"
  • "What will it cost me if I blow my top?"
  • "What is the possible permanent cost?"
  • "What is the final cost of it?" - It will ruin the harmony in your home.

We deviated from the original program here, and I don't recall exactly what we did. We may or may not have had afternoon tea now.

Then we listened to Tom Harmon again for his talk "Join the Few Who Finish Strong."

I'm afraid I didn't get any notes this time!

Next was the Arahina Update, by Jeff Lees and Gordon Strong.
Arahina is the ATI 'base,' if you like, in New Zealand.

Last of all was the Children's Presentation. They presented Bible verses - with actions, sung songs, etc..which they had learned in the two days of the children's program.

We all helped clean up, before catching up, and finally heading home for dinner.

Another great conference had come to an end! Can't wait for the next one...! =)

<3 Bee

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