Monday, February 13, 2012

Guy Fawkes!

Sorry everyone, I think this is in the wrong order..
Friday (4th I'm afraid, we had our celebration a day early) saw us doing (a little) school work, going to the orthadontist to have my braces tightened - my new colours are black, purple, and green, I usually only have two colours, so my orthadontist had to concentrate to get the pattern right lol! and popping into a couple of places on the way home. In the afternoon I did a fair bit of ironing and all the folding.
After dinner we went searching for suitable going-out clothing for everyone, and tidied hair. When we were finally ready (well it didn't actually take that long but anyway...!) we piled everyone into the van, and left for the de Boer's house (friends from church).
After arriving, we talked for a while, until everyone else arrived, then had dessert - trifle, a dutch cake, ice cream, and other nice-tasting things; I think it was all made by Mrs de Boer.

Once dark, we started the fireworks:

So what do you think is louder, the fireworks or my screaming siblings?? haha! =D
I hope the cars were ok know those fireworks that people hold while they fire? Well they were being fired towards some of the vehicles...above them though... =) lol!

Anyway after the fireworks were all used, we went inside to eat chocolote *grin* and talk...and, by the way, for those of you who were there, Dad kind of embellished his stories about my driving...haha! =D

We left just before 11, with a van-load of tired and slightly short-tempered people!

"Remember, Rember,
the Fifth of November,
Gunpowder, Treason, and Plot,
I See No Reason,
Why Gunpowder and Treason,
Should Ever Be Forgot"

Sorry I don't know who that's by, and no I don't like poetry...haha =D

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