Saturday, February 04, 2012

My 15th Birthday

Ok so I've been busy with school work, and havn't made time for my blog. That 'flood' of posts? Well I discovered that some of them require a little bit more work, so they're not going to come in a flood just at the moment. Sorry!
But anyway, here is the first of the many posts to come =)

This year I missed a couple of my friends’ birthday parties because Mum and Dad wouldn’t let me go, so because of that, and because they thought it might be nice to do something for my birthday, they offered to take some of my friends and me out to a restaurant of my choice for dessert one night. My choice: Lone Star! The night: Tuesday, the day after I passed my learner’s…so I didn’t tell some of my friends that I was even going for my learner’s, I just waited till that night and pulled out my license to show them! Lol =) Yes some of them were a bit surprised…because I hadn’t said anything about going for my license to one of them, and another two because I had told them that Dad had said I couldn’t go for it (he reconsidered when he found out that the age was changing). So yeah anyway, I hope they don’t mind too much that I didn’t tell them! =)

Of course, I chose Lone Star, and we all drove their in two cars.
After we were seated, we chose our desserts, and I then received some really cool presents (Thanks everyone!!).

Here are some random photos; I was thinking of posting captions but I've changed my mind as I don't think they really need them.

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