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Written December 27th, 2011
I love computers. And I love learning. So it just seems natural that I should learn more about computers, agree? To aid that, I began a course called ICDL, or International Computer Driving License, in the fourth term of 2010.  The course is split into seven modules, one on the basics of IT, another on publisher, word, excel, access, and, well you get the idea.
The assessments and exams have to be sat at a school or other such institution. We chose Tyndale Park Christian School, because I have friends who go there, and we know or have met quite a few people involved there. It was certainly an experience, as I have never been to school, so didn’t know first-hand what it was like trying to do something in a classroom of not-so-focused students!
When I finished the course, the school asked me to come to assembly one Monday morning, so I could have my finishing certificate presented to me. My parents thought this was a great ordeal, which meant two things. One, they though I would be really nervous, and, two, Dad went to work late so he could come to the school first. First, I certainly wasn’t nervous, I mean, I knew these people, including Mr. Vivian, who presented the certificate to me, and all I had to do was walk up to the front, shake his hand, take my certificate, and walk back to my seat, seriously, what on earth is so scary about that?!? Lol! And I was just about the only one there with both my parents present. I say almost because some of the parents are teachers there, and Mrs de Boer stayed to watch me get my certificate ( I don’t think Anne Roos was very impressed but anyway..).
So anyway, here’s a pic Mum took:

Sorry it's taken from so far away, I posted it the largest possible size for you though!! =D

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