Monday, August 22, 2016

Aussie Trip {Part 11} More Beach Shots

We made the most of the amazing weather (aka heat wave) while I was in Port Macquarie, with trips the the beach two days in a row. We took books and snacks along and just relaxed and chatted and took it easy for a bit. :) The one problem was I hadn't gotten into the habit of applying sun screen (in NZ I had still been wearing long boots and my puffer jacket :P) so burning two days in a row wasn't ideal. #notefornexttime

Since I haven't quite replaced my dinosaur-age laptop that's required for all my photo editing, I'm splitting my beach pics between two posts. ;)

: : Miss ya Liam : :

: : Helping Dad watch the beach : :

: : We actually managed a group shot!! : :

: : Oops wrong jandals, should have taken my red ones ;P : :

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