Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Aussie Trip {Part 3} Shopping with the Girls

One of the days I was in Maclean, some of us girls headed out for a shopping trip. I decided that NZ sells things at incredibly high prices. :P Nah, some pretty decent sales were on and I got a few things at really good prices. A number of the clothing stores are the same in both countries, so sometimes it just felt like one of the shopping malls back home. I do think we need ICE over here though ;) Ultimately though it was just great to spend time with cousins I hardly see.

: : Loving that sky! : :

: : A lot of the time we were driving I kept thinking how much the plants made it look like our February, : :
and it was only September :P

: : Annoying the cousins with photos in the car :P : :

: : I feel like the purpose of this photo was flash wallpaper or something that didn't even make it in the shot in the end : :

: : Just being weird and sitting on the floor ;P : :

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