Saturday, August 27, 2016

Aussie Trip {Part 17} Back to Brissy

I spent the weekend in Maclean since Uncle Richard and Ben had organised work there. Saturday passed quickly with several movies, trying not to fall asleep, and idk what else ;P

: : Those eyes :O : :

: : LOL : :
Too bad I couldn't bring him back with me,
I really he think would make a good friend for my beautiful Snowbell ;)
Sunday we went to the church in Grafton and caught up with even more of the extended family, then went to Bec and Susie's for the day. Thanks for having us! :) And sorry, I didn't get any photos :/ Sitting at the table to eat lunch and looking out the window to see kangaroos on the other side of the fence was pretty cool and definitely not something I'm used to! 

Monday saw us once again packing up our stuff and saying goodbyes. The drive to Brisbane was fairly uneventful; we could hear thunder and see the lightning in the distance, but when we checked the temperature it was still up at 26 degrees. #yay. Roadworks slowed up the trip in a number of places, although it was interesting to note that NSW kept long stretches of road at a lower speed, even though only sections were being worked on, whereas in Queensland there ended up being a lot more signage, but we were allowed to return to the usual speed limit between work sections.

: : Dream road, you guys, seriously : :

: : Yay, fuzzy car selfies ;P : :

: : On a clear day that view in the distance would be amazing! : :
Okay, it still was pretty awesome . . . ;)
My cousin Ben and his wife Kirsten hosted us that night. It was actually the first time I had met Kirsten, although they've been together for a few years now. They recently got their wedding album, so it was really cool to look through that since I hadn't seen many photos of the day.

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