Thursday, August 18, 2016

Aussie Trip {Part 9} Maclean to Port Macquarie

On my last morning in Maclean I raced to pack everything up and get it back in my suitcase (failed, but thankfully I had grabbed an empty backpack before leaving NZ so filled that up too ;P). I think an iced coffee may have been about the extent of my breakfast in the end (oops) before Grace took me down to the bus stop. Eventually the bus arrived, about 45 minutes late, and the trip south started. The free wifi that the company advertised wasn't working, and the air-con cut out before long; additionally we had a slow driver and some sort of sporting event was on that weekend, so all of that combined with roadworks here and there made for a pretty long and slow trip. 

Soon after five we had a forty-minute or something stop so most of us grabbed food and stretched our legs a bit. Not long after we got going again we stopped briefly to switch drivers, and then it wasn't a whole lot further to my destination. (Some of the other passengers were travelling to Sydney and their ETA was around midnight I think!) I decided against purchasing a SIM card while I was over, opting to communicate through family or find free wifi hotspots. I wouldn't do that again because I ended up on a bus that arrived over an hour late, and had no way to contact anyone. Nathan raced over to the bus stop so someone would be there to meet me, and ended up just sitting waiting for ages; by the time I arrived the rest of the family had joined him as well though so I had a whole welcoming party. ;)

Due to the time and temperature we opted out of fish and chips on the beach, although Liam was quite happy to get underway with showing me his movies instead lol. It was actually the first time Liam and I had met, since he hadn't yet made his appearance when we last visited. He was pretty stoked to meet one of his NZ cousins, and was more than happy to do most of the talking for me, which was great since I was so tired. :)

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