Thursday, August 11, 2016

Aussie Trip {Part 4} Maclean Lookout

Sorry guys, just a short post this time since my laptop's kicking a stink (running at 100% CPU when I walk away from it!?). Maclean has a lovely little lookout point, where most of these photos were taken. By memory we trekked up to it once on our 2005 trip, with lots of little people and bikes in tow; this time it was a lot easier so we walked up quite a few more times! :) Admittedly this almost daily evening walk with one or two cousins was something I missed when I arrived back in NZ. It was really nice just walking, talking, and listening to the chirping of frogs or some such wildlife sounds in the early evening.  

(Side note: All but the last image were actually taken when we drove up one day; visibility was much more limited on our walks)

: : I was gonna say that I was admiring these houses, but maybe it's actually the palms and blue sky :P : :

: : So beautiful : :

: : Not sure why I needed this one :P : :
: : I wasn't sure what to think of this, but I'm told sugar cane(?) fires are pretty standard in Aus, : :
 so thought I should be a good tourist and snap a pic ;P 

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