Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Aussie Trip {Part 12} Port Macquarie Wrap-Up

On my last day in Port Macquarie, Aunty Dee had to go back to work and most of the others had to study for school or uni, so I had a pretty quiet day getting my stuff organised to leave and such. After work Aunty Dee and Kimmi took me partway to Grafton, and we met up with my friend Bethany so I could spend a couple of days with her. I think I'm mostly going to let the photos speak, along with a caption here and there this time. Thanks so much for everything guys; I had a really nice stay with you all! :)

: : Travelling the world, trying out different irons ;P : :

: : Oops idk what happened with me there . . . ! : :
So excited that the light keeps hitting Liam's eyes just right! #photographerdreamcometrue

: : Do we have these signs in NZ?! : :
I thought it was strange we were about to drive straight onto an island . . . #oops

: : Major intersection with trees instead of high-rise buildings?! All the way!! : :

: : Trying to get the creative juices flowing : :

: : Liam was so excited to meet one of his NZ cousins! : :

: : +Susannah Smith when I finally had wifi and we could message!! : :

: : Morning drinks on my last morning : :

: : So many great memories around this table in just a few short days : :

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