Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Aussie Trip {Part 8} Miscellaneous Maclean Snaps

This post will be a collection of the rest of my photos from Maclean, in random order. :) I ended up spending a week in Maclean which was nice. We stayed with our cousins in the same house during our '05 trip, so it was cool going back to a familiar place and remembering things from the last visit. Of course some things had changed, with two of the cousins married and moved away now, and working out parking spaces for cars and motorbikes, instead of rules for the toy guns and flying fox in the backyard! 

: : Aunty Vicki with Paton and the two cockatiels : :

Aunty Vicki shares our love of animals, so it's always fun comparing the pet count. ;) I missed my cat back home but managed to win over most of the cousins' ones while I was over (mission accomplished ;P). And a cat buddy to snuggle up with you during movies is always a good idea ;)  

Love those beautiful clear skies!

And no traffic! :O #takemeback

: : Loving those palms : :

Oh look, more sunsets :P I think I actually have at least one similiar photo (those were the days of film, guys ;)) from 2005, maybe I should compare how much the landscape has changed in 10 1/2 years ;P

: : And that would be the cockroach Luke flicked off the wall towards me . . . : :
When I jumped away he decided throwing it at me might be more fun . . . 

: : Aurora, Grace's cat : :
Um yeah, that would be the bathroom light she's on top of!

: : Luke and Jenna : :

: : Please, feed me?! : :
Seriously, it's too bad I couldn't bring him back in my suitcase!

: : Let's get a photo while are hair and make up are still fresh. lol : :

: : One animal we actually haven't had as a pet! : :

: : Please appreciate this photo; : :
I didn't think to check the grass for prickles before walking over to snap it :P

: : Call me strange; I keep admiring those red bricks every time I scroll past this photo : :

: : Hehe another one :P : :

: : Aunty Vicki's fish tank makes our one look pretty pathetic :P : :
There actually are a fair few types but looks like they've just about all gone to hide from the camera lol

: : Apparently these flowers only last a day or two I think; pretty cool they bloomed while I was there :) : :

: : Awww so beautiful : :

: : Oh, hello! : :
Sadly I didn't take as many photos as I should have, and now my memory won't stand up to super-long recounts I'm afraid. :/ I'll make note of a few things though. Grace and I had planned to do a bit of trekking around and such while I was in Maclean, but she ended up having uni assignments to work on for a lot of the time. We ended up settling with a few good talks over coffee or on the kitchen floor ( . . . #equallystrangecousins ;P) and walking up to the lookout a few times. 

Cynthia, Faith, and I went over to Yamba one night to see PAN and then grabbed Macca's on the way home. Love how we dressed up and didn't take any photos . . . lol. 

Aunty Vicki took some of us down to browse some of the shops one day and book my bus ticket to Port Macquarie.

Luke organised lots of movies for me to watch, and then one night when my stamina for that gave way (I discovered it isn't what it used to be :P) I decided to go back to what I knew and brought out the washing to fold ;P Turns out the lighting wouldn't allow my phone to get a good shot, so you'll just have to trust me when I say that Luke helped ;) lol

And I think that will about wrap up my recap. Chances are I'll remember a couple more things a month or so from now. ;P Thanks for having me guys -- miss you all!


  1. Oh, I notice they do actually have clouds over there! Perhaps you didn't notice?

  2. Is that why we're called land of the long white cloud?? Lol

  3. Please explain to me what it is with boys and bugs and throwing them at girls?!

    1. Weeeellll I can understand that they would enjoy our reactions . . . lol

    2. Weeeellll I can understand that they would enjoy our reactions . . . ;P

  4. Very glad to find that my bros are not the only ones!

    1. Lol. No definitely not. I don't know if that's a good thing though ;P