Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Aussie Trip {Part 19} Brissy

Today I just have a few random shots from Uncle Richard's caravan before I get into the next big set tomorrow ;) When I first mentioned that I wanted to make a trip over, Uncle Richard encouraged me to follow through on it and was really helpful in making the idea a reality. Apart from the night Grace and I spent with Ben and Kirsten, all our time in Brisbane we stayed in the caravan. I cooked one night, and certainly it would be a struggle to cook for my family without more space, but for just a few of us it worked nicely. :) Oh and the surround sound was pretty cool; at first it was a bit strange to walk away from the screen and have the sound get louder, but now I really like it. Maybe I can hook a whole bunch of speakers up to my laptop?! Haha. It's actually an American model (lolz even the print on the curtains and cushions is the same as some of seen on blogs of American families ;P), so larger than your typical caravan over here. Everything is very compact and well-planned, but it has everything you need (and more) and is super flash. Lol I can understand how people can spend extended periods of time or even live in RVs now ;P

: : This is just the outside kitchen . .  the inside one is bigger :P : :

: : So I heard more about gardening on my 3-week trip in Aus than I've heard in NZ in a long time :P : :

: : So pretty : :

: : Oh look, another food shot : :

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