Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Aussie Trip {Part 7} Beach!

One of the days I was in Maclean, Cynthia had a friend come around, and Faith and I joined them on a trip to the beach in Yamba. The morning was warm and sunny while we packed our stuff before heading over. It turned out quite a few people had the same idea that day, so finding a car park took a while. By the time we actually did get out and on the beach we didn't have an incredibly long time there before the wind picked up and the clouds came over! On the way back we stopped by an antique shop and admired all the furniture of real wood, but decided against purchasing anything ;P We had fun talking and laughing and what have you though, so I say it was a successful trip ;)

: : We didn't make this but I thought it was cool so snapped a shot anyways ;P : :

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