Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Aussie Trip {Part 2} Brissy to Maclean

Friday was somewhat overcast and still a bit chilly (so not exactly the weather Aussie is usually associated with :P). We got up at a much less unearthly hour than the previous day, although it seemed fairly early after a long day and a late night. Grace and Aileen cooked breakfast for us all, and we loaded up and left Brisbane. Went to Coffs Harbor since Aileen had an exam or something for uni there. Meanwhile Grace and I got coffee and sat down to talk for a while and catch up on things. (We hadn't spoken extensively since April.) Then we drove around, got lost and took a couple of wrong turns before picking Aileen up and continuing south.  

: : Travelling in your cousin's flash Mazda beats busing any day ;) : :

: : Looks just like NZ :P : :

: : Not too bad for a shot out the windscreen, I reckon  : :
I'm not entirely sure who's idea it was or how it came about, but we decided to drop by Mount Warning and walk up. For those of you who know me well, don't worry; I did change into running shoes ;P Armed with phones, cameras, and a couple of snacks, we started walking (briskly; de Bruins don't do slow). Turns out a lack of fitness, slight breeze, presence of asthma, and lowish temperatures (and possibly some dampness) weren't a great combination.We made it maybe one-third of the way up and by then I was pretty short of breath and the chill breeze was making me slightly light-headed. We decided heading back down was preferable over them having to carry me back, and they proceeded to practically run down :P Thankfully no snakes turned up to alter my pace, and I took it a little easier. Survived the trip and got back to the car, deciding that regular exercise had to become a regular addition to my schedule lol. (After arriving back in NZ I started walking regularly probably would have managed this track fairly easily by the end of summer.)

: : Imagecredit: Grace : :

: : Image credit: Grace : :

We continued our drive south, eventually arriving in Maclean at my cousins' house in the late afternoon. It's amazing how big the toddlers I remembered from our last trip over had grown! ;P We chatted and caught up for a while; they discovered their NZ cousin could also be pretty sarcastic, and might actually be some fun. Luke even decided I was cool enough to share his snacks ;) Aunty Vicki had very thoughtfully prepared a roast dinner for us, which we all enjoyed. More talk and catching up ensued and another late night followed. lol


  1. Not that you can't survive late nights lol

    1. Yes well, late nights on there own are one thing, but late nights + early mornings I can only handle for so long lol ;P

  2. Replies
    1. Okay lol, put it this way: my normal speed (which most people consider fairly quick) is basically Grace's dawdle!! :O