Monday, August 29, 2016

Aussie Trip {Part 18} Barbeques and Gorgeous Eyes

The next day was a public holiday (don't recall which one?!) so Uncle Richard and Ben had the day off work and we had a BBQ lunch at Ben and Kirsten's place. :)

: : So I don't really think of myself as a food photographer, : :
I just take photos of my plate before I eat .  . . and then when I'm editing images later I realise I didn't think about the presentation. LOL

: : Seriously those eyes . . . ! : :
#loveatfirstsight ;P

: : Seriously not enough photos of this amazing girl! Luv ya Grace <3 : :

: : Oh, hi! : :
I love how he's looking at me like "what are you doing?!" haha : :
Again the camera was pretty neglected this day I'm afraid. We basically relaxed and took it easy for a while, then Grace and I headed back with Uncle Richard to his caravan. (#superflash) Pretty quick visit with Ben and Kirsten but at least we managed to catch up for a bit!

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