Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Feeding Lambs {August 28, 2015}

Last year some friends asked if we would be able to feed their lambs a couple of times while they were busy with a conference. Mum jumped at the chance; she had planned to take some of the little ones to Ambury Farm Park for the lamb feeding, but this was an even better opportunity!

: : Little onlookers staying safely on the other side of the gate (lol) : :


  1. Sorry, this post just kinda gets my interest. Ifyou like feeding lambs that much, wanna send some workers down here for 3 months? Only 40-50-odd lambs, nothing too much... :P
    I do find it funny, though, how you have these farms that actually charge people to come on site and watch lambs getting fed. In reality, its such a task to have to do regularly, they should actually be paying the workers... But anyway... :P
    Ah well. They are cute though! (The lambs, I mean. 19 year old males saying that about kids get in trouble for that... :P)

    1. I think that would be considered child labour though? ;P
      Yes! It does seem ironic that some of us end up paying to see something that is a daily chore for others; I guess though a lot kids in cities would never see basic things like feeding animals otherwise . . . ! Sort of like the diamond-water paradox.
      Haha ;P they are pretty cute.